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  • For Immediate Release
  • December 1, 2018
  • Contact: Geoff Merrell, DEC State On-Scene Coordinator 907-269-7682

Public Service Announcement

Inspecting Home Heating Fuel After Earthquakes

Anchorage, AK—The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) is issuing an advisory to property owners who were affected by the recent earthquake in Southcentral Alaska. 

All above ground fuel tanks and barrels used for fuel storage should be inspected.  The earthquake could have severely damaged tank supports resulting in an unstable platform.  Above ground tanks, including propane tanks, may shift or fall from the stand causing fuel lines to kink, weaken or break, or there may be loosened or damaged fittings and filters.

If you have any questions concerning the integrity of your tank, fuel lines, tank stand, the fuel itself, or need assistance in moving or returning the tank to service, please contact your fuel supplier.

If the earthquake has caused a release of fuel, oil, or other hazardous substances, report the spill to ADEC:

Area Phone FAX
Central (Anchorage)



Northern (Fairbanks)



Southeast (Juneau)



After Hours (All Regions): 1-800-478-9300

For more information:  Spill reporting

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