DEC Regulations

Deadlines: Regulation Changes

  • The DEC Spill Prevention and Response Division has proposed to amend the spill response regulations and repeal the regulations addressing nontank vessel equivalent plans. You can find a copy of the public notice here and a copy of the proposed amendments here.
  • The DEC Air Quality Division has proposed to amend the Air Quality Control regulations dealing with excess emissions. You can find copy of the public notice here and the proposed regulation amendments here.

Downloadable Environmental Conservation Regulations

IMPORTANT NOTE TO READER: Regulations are adopted by agencies and approved by the Executive Branch. They add detail to the general authority given in Alaska's Statutes, which are passed by the state Legislature.

The links from the headings below are to DEC regulations stored in the Legislative Affairs Agency's website. They are updated quarterly so they may not reflect current law. For links to regulations which have been recently revised download the Acrobat Reader file.

For many of the chapters there are links to the complete chapter as an Acrobat Reader file. Acrobat Reader software is available free from Adobe.

Title 18. Environmental Conservation
Chapter 15. Administrative Procedures.
Acrobat Reader file, 95K as amended through August 15, 2010.
Chapter 23. Hair and Body Art Schools and Shops.
Acrobat Reader file, 190K effective December 1, 2002.
Chapter 30. Environmental Sanitation.
(Not available in downloadable format)
Chapter 31. Alaska Food Code.
Acrobat Reader file, 393K as amended through June 24, 2012.
Chapter 32 Milk, Milk Products, and Reindeer Slaughtering and Processing.
Acrobat Reader file, 154K as amended through July 25, 2014.
Chapter 34. Seafood Processing and Inspection.
Acrobat Reader file, 386K as amended through November 24, 2007.
Chapter 36. Animal Health.
Acrobat Reader file, 66K as amended through August 2, 2006.
Chapter 50. Air Quality Control.
Acrobat Reader file, 412K as amended through August 20, 2016. Reference material for Chapter 50
Chapter 52. Emissions Inspection and Maintenance Requirements For Motor Vehicles.
Adobe Reader file, 288K as amended through November 4, 2009.
Chapter 53. Fuel Requirements For Motor Vehicles.
Adobe Reader file, 200K as amended through February 20, 2004.
Chapter 54. Requirements for the Distribution and Receipt of Financial Assistance.
Adobe Reader file, 37K as amended through September 17, 2010.
Chapter 60. Solid Waste Management.
Adobe Reader file, 315K as amended through April 12, 2013.
Chapter 62. Hazardous Waste.
Adobe Reader file, 98K as amended through August 8, 2003.
Chapter 63. Siting of Hazardous Waste Management Facilities.
Adobe Reader file, 74K as amended through April 8, 2012.
Chapter 64. Litter Receptacles.
(Not available in downloadable format)
Chapter 65. Litter Reduction and Resource Recovery Grants.
(Not available in downloadable format)
Chapter 66. Waste Reduction and Recycling Awards For Schools.
(Not available in downloadable format)
Chapter 69. Commercial Passenger Vessel Environmental Compliance.
Adobe Reader file, 69K effective December 16, 2013.
Chapter 70. Water Quality Standards.
Adobe Reader file, 237K as amended through February 19, 2016.
Chapter 71. Placer Mining Demonstration Grants.
(Not available in downloadable format)
Chapter 72. Wastewater Disposal.
Adobe Reader file, 675K as amended through October 22, 2016.
Chapter 73. Construction Grants.
Adobe Reader file, 97K as amended through November 24, 1994.
Chapter 74. Water and Wastewater Operator Certification and Training.
Adobe Reader file, 87K as amended through November 21, 2010.
Chapter 75. Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Control.
Adobe Reader file, 703 as amended through May 8, 2016.
Chapter 76. Alaska Clean Water Fund.
Adobe Reader file, 90K as amended through September 27, 2009.
Chapter 77. State-Funded Clean Water Account.
Adobe Reader file, 8K as amended through December 29, 2000..
Chapter 78. Underground Storage Tanks.
Adobe Reader file, 349K as amended through June 17, 2015.
Chapter 79. Illegal Drug Manufacturing Sites.
Adobe Reader file, 22K as amended through November 24, 2007.
Chapter 80. Drinking Water.
Adobe Reader file, 400KB as amended through December 26, 2014.  
Chapter 83. Alaska Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Program.
Adobe Reader file, 351K as amended through February 19, 2016.
Chapter 85. Radiation Protection.
Adobe Reader file, 171K effective July 1, 2015.
Chapter 90. Pesticide Control.
Adobe Reader file, 122K as amended through March 7, 2013.
Chapter 95. Administrative Enforcement.
(Not available in downloadable format)