Telephone Accessibility Information

Alaska Relay:

The Alaska Relay Service provides telephone accessibility to people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing or speech disabled.
Callers will need to provide the Alaska Relay Service the specific phone number they wish to call.

Alaska Relay Service Phone Numbers and websites:

  • Voice or TTY: dial 711 (if voice, wait on line for representative to answer)
  • TTY: 800-770-8973 (text only)
  • Voice: 800-770-8255
  • VCO Direct: 800-770-6180 (Voice Carry Over)
  • ASCII: 800-770-3919
  • STS: 866-355-6198 (Speech to Speech)
  • Spanish: 866-355-6199
  • IP Relay: (Internet Relay)
  • Website:

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