Welcome to DEC Web Maps

In this map gallery, you will find links to the DEC's public interactive web maps. Each map is focused on a program area or major incident. Click on a thumbnail image or map title to go to the map's information page, then open the map. More information on how to use the web maps.

The majority of our maps were developed in ArcGIS Online. These maps open in the ArcGIS Online map viewer from the map's information page. The ArcGIS Online maps can also be opened in other ArcGIS products, including ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS Pro and the Explorer for ArcGIS app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Additional details on how to navigate a map and use the various tools of the ArcGIS Online map viewer can be found in the help documentation here.

You can view the DEC Web Maps at ArcGIS.com