Compliance Monitoring Data Portal (CMDP)

The CMDP is an online reporting application that allows certified laboratories to report compliance monitoring data directly to the Drinking Water (DW) Program. This program is similar to the Electronic Data Reporting System (EDRS) that was built and maintained by the State of Alaska. The CMDP was constructed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The DW Program intends to replace EDRS with CMDP by the end of 2018 and is currently in the testing or pre-production phase. If you have questions please contact the DEC CMDP Helpdesk at

CMDP Reporting Options

The CMDP offers a number of options for reporting compliance data to the DW Program. Labs can use any of the following combination of methods to report data:

  • Online Data Entry (Web Forms) — Labs can enter compliance data into online forms and submit data through the CMDP. Use of the Online Data Entry forms is documented in the CMDP User Manual [PDF](beginning on page 46).
  • Offline Excel Templates — Labs can enter sample data into Excel worksheets and generate a properly formed XML file for upload into the CMDP. The Sample Results Template [MS Excel] can be downloaded directly from the CMDP.
  • XML File Uploads — XML files can be generated by the lab and manually uploaded into the CMDP. Information related to the structure and requirements of the CMDP XML Schema is available in the Sample Data Dictionary [PDF].
  • Web Services — XML files can be generated by the lab and be automatically uploaded into the CMDP using Web Services. Information related to the CMDP XML Schema and the use of Web Services is available in the Sample Data Dictionary [PDF]and the CMDP-LIMS Interface Control Document [PDF].

Learn How To Use CMDP

EPA developed training materials along with video tutorials to assist laboratories learning how to navigate the application. Start with the training materials linked under the general information section and then review the appropriate reporting methods information for your laboratory. These documents and videos can also be found on the CMDP Help Center Website.

General Information

Laboratories submitting data through Online Data Entry (Web Forms)

Laboratories submitting data through Excel or XML

Explore a Test Version of CMDP

EPA developed a test version of the CMDP with pre-populated data so the user can review the look and feel of the application. This is a read only version of the database so no data can be entered. Feel free to explore this "sandbox" environment by clicking the link below and using the stated username and password:

Ready to Test the Pre-Production Version of CMDP?

The Pre-Production testing environment is populated with Alaska's laboratory and public water system information and allows the user to enter data and test out the submittal process. If your laboratory is interested in participating in the testing phase and transition to the CMDP please submit an email to the DEC CMDP Helpdesk at

After you have received confirmation from our CMDP Helpdesk, click on the link below to learn more about the CMDP Pre-Production Testing environment:

Compliance Monitoring Data Portal (CMDP) Pre-Production Testing Webpage