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Production Compliance Monitoring Data Portal (CMDP)


Before laboratories can move to the production version of CMDP, Laboratory System Administrator(s) must complete and submit the CMDP Transition Form (shown below).

In order for the form to be considered complete, Laboratory System Administrators must confirm the following information:

  • Identified a CMDP Lab Administrator or Administrators
  • Identified CMDP roles within organization
  • Reviewed EPA training materials and DEC Lab Submission Guides
  • Determined how to obtain Facility ID and Sample Point ID information (i.e., annual Monitoring Summary, DEC Developed Excel Searchable Tool, etc.)
  • Successfully submitted sample results for each contaminant(s) the lab is certified for to the State.
  • Submitted an incorrect sample to experience the sample rejection process.

Register for CMDP Production

All personnel who submit sample results to the State on behalf of the laboratory must register to use the CMDP Production version prior to receiving approval to process or submit data through this application. Users will not be able to apply the same credentials from the Pre-Production environment to the Production version of CMDP. Contact the CMDP Helpdesk for information on how to register.

Enter Production Environment

Once you have received approval from the DW Program and registered with the Shared CROMMER Services (SCS), users are ready to enter the Production version of CMDP.

NOTE: Laboratories that submit data through the Production version of CMDP will no longer be allowed to submit data through EDRS.

In addition to the DEC Lab Data Submission Guides, posted to the right, refer to the DW Program developed process documents (shown below) for a general overview of how to submit data through CMDP.

CMDP Production version link