Alaska Drinking Water Regulations: 18 AAc 80

Drinking Water Regulations for the State of Alaska are published in the Alaska Administrative Code at 18 AAC 80. Two electronic versions are available: The folio version, as published on the Alaska Department of Law website; and the more familiar PDF version. Links to both versions are found below.

Folio version: Click here.

PDF version: Click here. [PDF]

For information about regulations change projects, please visit our Regulations Changes web page: Click here.

Federal Drinking Water Regulations: 40 CFR 141, 40 CFR 142, 40 CFR 143

Alaska's Drinking Water Regulations contain many cross references to the federal drinking water regulations published in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), primarily in 40 CFR 141. To assist you in accessing the federal drinking water requirements, links to the relevant parts of the CFR are provided below.

40 CFR 141 (National Primary Drinking Water Regulations: For full text, click here. [PDF]

  • For electronic Table of Contents with links to individual sections, click here.

40 CFR 142 (National Primary Drinking Water Regulations Implementation): Click here. [PDF]

40 CFR 143 (National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations): Click here. [PDF]


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