Sanitary Survey

Electronic sanitary survey

If you are a Sanitary Survey Inspector you will need this application to perform Electronic Sanitary Survey report. Prior to downloading you MUST uninstall all previous versions of Desktop ESS using the "Install/Uninstall" feature in the Add/Remove Program of your control panel. Please click on the downloadable file below, you may save this to your desktop directly. Once you have downloaded the file you must unzip it. It will contain a folder with the executable file to install the desktop ESS and tablet software.

Once both programs are installed on your PC, launch the Desktop ESS program. When it is launching, it will prompt you to direct it to a data file. For non-ADEC employees, you will need to direct it to one of the survey data file you have been provided by ADEC (an example is provided below for download).

Once the Desktop ESS has successfully launched, you will be at the "Home Page". You will need to select the "Preferences" tab and type in your name as the user of the program and verify the Tablet ESS path is valid.

The system requirements for this Desktop ESS version are:
  • Windows 7
  • MSAccess 2013

Available downloads:

If you encounter any difficulties in downloading or executing the programs call 907-269-7639 or 907-269-7625.