Alaska Food Safety Advisory Committee Membership

The Alaska Food Safety Advisory Committee (AFSAC) is a volunteer committee comprised of representatives from the retail food industry, consumer groups, related associations and academia whose purpose is to advise ADEC's Food Safety & Sanitation Program on issues and concerns regarding food safety within Alaska.

If you cannot find the information you need, please contact the AFSAC Facilitator.

AFSAC Members

Kimberly Stryker, Chair
Program Manager, Food Safety & Sanitation Program
(907) 269-7501

Lorinda Lhotka
Section Manager,
Food Safety & Sanitation Program
(907) 451-2119

Jo Dawson
Commodities Project Coordinator, USDA
(907) 465-8708

Shane Erickson
Food Safety and Environmental, Safeway
(425) 455-6545

Dr. Brian Himelbloom
Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Ctr.
(907) 486-1529

Steve Lacy
Director of Food Safety, Fred Meyer Stores
(503) 797-7185

Dr. Robert Gerlach
State Veterinarian,
(907) 375-8214

Tom Fazzini
ANTHC - Environmental Health
(907) 729-3545

Carlos Romero
Food Safety & Quality Assurance Manager, Doyon Universal
(907) 263-6114

Chris LaCroix
Copper River Seafood
(907) 522-7806

Michael Gilbert
Copper River Seafood
(907) 522-7806

LT Katie Bante
Tanana Chiefs Conference
(907) 455-2904

Kate Idzorek
UAF Cooperative Extension
(907) 474-5391

Michael Cooper
Section of Epidemiology
(907) 269-8074

Daniel Tew
Yum Brands, Inc
(502) 874-2422

Bryce Wrigley
Salcha-Delta Soil and Water
(907) 223-1955

Michel Villon
Chef's Association
(907) 563-0001

John Walker
JTAK Food Safety
(907) 260-5400