Alaska Seafood Processing Advisory Council

DEC, in cooperation with the seafood industry, established the Alaska Seafood Processors Advisory Council. The council’s mission is to provide a forum for communication, advice, and sharing of information between the state’s seafood processing industry, DEC and the scientific community.*

Meetings of the council are open to the public. The director of the Division of Environmental Health serves as chair of the council. Meetings will be held as necessary, and each meeting is announced through public notice.

Meeting locations may vary, and participants who wish to participate remotely can access the meeting through an established call-in number. Additionally, a conference room in the DEC building (555 Cordova St., Anchorage, AK) is reserved for those who wish to attend as part of a group that includes DEC personnel.

For more information, contact: 907-269-7583.

The next meeting date will be announced.

*18 AAC 34.985. Alaska Seafood Processors Advisory Council.