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Lab Sample Submission Manual:
Environmental Samples
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Container and Preservative


Food or Solid


Total Mercury 4oz CWM/Cool 4°C 250ml HDPE/pH<2 HNO 3/Cool 4°C
Methylmercury 4oz CWM/Cool 4°C 250ml HDPE/Cool 4°C
ICP/MS Metals Scan 4oz CWM/Cool 4°C 500ml HDPE/pH<2 HNO 3/Cool 4°C
Organochlorine Pesticides 8oz CWM/Cool 4°C 1L Amb B.R./0.008% Na 2S 2O 3/Cool 4°C
Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons 8oz CWM/Cool 4°C 1L Amb B.R./0.008% Na 2S 2O 3/Cool 4°C
pH 4oz CWM/Cool 4°C 1L HDPE/Cool 4°C
Moisture Determination 4oz CWM/Cool 4°C NA
Water Activity (a w) 4oz CWM/Cool 4°C NA


Amb      Amber
B.R.      Boston Round
CWM    Clear Wide Mouth
HDPE    High Density Polyethylene
NA         Not Applicable

Bottle Order and Sample Packaging

Example bottle kit for ICP/MS metals and total mercury



Proper documentation necessary to ensure prompt processing of your samples.
Each sample must be clearly labeled, and have a unique Sample #.
Samples received without proper documentation may be rejected.

Shipping & Notification

Ship samples via overnight mail, courier or Goldstreak to:

State of Alaska
Environmental Health Laboratory
5251 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99507

Contact the EHL Sample Receiving department at 907-375-8231 or via email at immediately upon shipment of samples. Please include waybill number.

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