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Lab Sample Submission Manual:
General Guidelines
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General Guidelines

Prior arrangement must be made before shipping samples, due to the sensitive nature of samples, hold times, and shipping regulations. Customers should contact the biological or analytical chemistry supervisor at (907) 375-8200 to make arrangements for your testing needs.

The old adage “garbage in, garbage out” rings especially true when dealing with the effect of sample collection and preservation on the quality of analytical results. A properly packaged and preserved sample saves time, money and provides you, our customer with the quality of results you need and expect to ensure compliance with regulations.

OK, so how do I, as a customer, decide how to pack and ship my samples?

To help guide you through the maze of regulations, EHL staff have created guidelines for properly preserving, packaging, and shipping the various categories of samples that EHL handles. Typical categories of samples include blood serum, shellfish and fresh seafood, ready to eat foods, dairy samples, and environmental samples.

Not surprisingly all of these sample categories have their own distinct sample preservation, packaging, temperature, shipping and documentation requirements. On the following pages you will find guidelines for properly handling all of these sample categories.

Of course if you have questions, our Laboratory staff are available to answer any questions you may have. To contact our Sample Receiving department call 907-375-8231 or send an email question to A friendly member of our staff will be happy to guide you though the process.

Need Supplies?

Need some pre-cleaned bottles for your samples? Shipping AI samples but don’t have the right box? Need a submission form or a Chain-of-Custody? EHL staff are available to provide you with information on how to safely package and ship your samples. Call our Sample Receiving department at 907-375-8231, or email us at and our friendly staff will help.

For more information or questions, call our Sample Receiving department at 907-375-8231, or email us at and our friendly staff will help.

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