Lab Services/Lab Approval

Where to purchase Performance Testing Samples

Performance test samples for our program must be purchased from an approved vendor. PTs for our program must fall within the specified concentration ranges. PT results which fall outside these ranges will not be accepted. Sodium bisulfate preservation is not an approved preservation technique for State of Alaska samples. Soil samples must be METHANOL preserved.

Target Analyte Waters ug/L Soils mg/Kg
Gasoline Range Organics
100 to 500
30 to 1500
Diesel Range Organics
800 to 2300
30 to 1500
Residual Range Organics
150 to 2000
BTEX (each analyte)
5 to 30
5 to 100
Analysis of BTEX
Multiple methods:

Labs must submit acceptable performance test results for each method for which they are seeking approval. Available methods for BTEX in water are 8021B and 8260B. Methods for BTEX in soil are AK101/8021B and AK101/8260B.

Submittal of results:

BTEX is treated as a group not individual analytes.  All analytes must be passed for approval.  If one analyte is failed, all analytes must be re-analyzed and submitted for approval.