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Certified Pesticide Applicators

Alaska state regulations (18 AAC 90.300) require pesticide applicators to be licensed and certified in order to:

  • Use, or supervise the use of, any pesticide for commercial purposes (on property other than the applicator’s)
  • Provide information or consultation about commercial pesticide use
  • Use, or supervise the use of, a pesticide at a school or public place
  • Use, supervise the use of, purchase, or sell any restricted-use pesticide

Applicators must be at least 18 years of age. Certification is valid for up to three years.

Becoming Certified

Applicators must be certified in the appropriate category for the type of work they plan to do.

To become certified, applicators must successfully pass the required examinations, pay a $25 fee, and provide proof of insurance*.

All applicators must pass a Core Exam covering general pesticide knowledge, Alaska regulations, and label comprehension. We highly recommend that applicators study the Core Manual on their own and/or take a training course from Cooperative Extension or take the Mississippi State 12 Hour Pesticide Core Standards Training Course.

Applicators must also pass at least one Category Exam. Applicators may study the materials and manuals on their own or take a training course from University of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service. See our Study Materials page for a detailed description of each category, along with links to the required study materials and manuals.

Examinations are administered by the Cooperative Extension Service. Please see their schedule. If there is no Cooperative Extension office near you, contact the ADEC Pesticide Control Program to arrange for an alternate proctor by calling 907-376-1870.

*Becoming a Designated Private Applicator

A Designated Private Applicator does not have to provide proof of insurance. These individuals may only apply pesticides on property that they own or lease. This limitation is stated in writing on the pesticide certification card.

By definition, a person may not become a Designated Private Applicator for application of fumigants (Category 15: Soil Fumigation or Category 16: Non-Soil Fumigation). A person also may not become a Designated Private Applicator for aquatic applications (Category 6: Aquatic Pest Control) because surface waters, including lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, or wetlands are considered waters of the state, and are not owned by individuals.

To become a Designated Private Applicator, submit the Designated Private Pesticide Applicator Request (DOC) form.

Recertification for Currently Certified Applicators

Applicators may renew their certification either by successfully passing the required exam, or by completing at least 12 approved Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Applicators are also required pay a $25 fee and provide proof of insurance before recertification will be issued. Exams may be arranged either through the Cooperative Extension or the DEC Pesticide Program, as described above.

To obtain recertification through CEUs, all coursework must be completed prior to expiration of the current certification. If certification has been expired for three months or more, the applicant may not be recertified through CEUs. They can obtain new certification by passing the Core Exam and at least one Category Exam. CEUs are available through a variety of classes, conferences, meetings, and online courses. Only the CEUs listed below are approved and will apply towards recertification. To recertify by CEU, please mail the completed CEU Re-Certification Application (PDF), $25 fee, and proof of insurance to:

  • Mariah Jerman
  • ADEC Pesticide Control Program
  • 1700 E. Bogard Rd
  • Bldg B, Suite 103
  • Wasilla, AK 99654

The Cooperative Extension Service holds an annual Alaska Certified Applicator Conference every Spring. Currently certified applicators can obtain up to 6 CEUs by attending this course. Please contact the Cooperative Extension Service at the numbers listed below for more information or to be placed on the mailing list for future conferences.

Online Courses

The following companies offer online courses for one CEU per course. Each company website will include information about which courses are approved in Alaska for credit towards renewing your pesticide applicator certification:

Seminars, Conferences and Workshops

Alaska Cooperative Extension Offices

Office Phone Number
Statewide Information 907-895-4215
Anchorage 907-786-6300
Delta Junction/Kodiak 907-895-4215
Homer/Kenai/Soldotna 907-262-5824
Juneau 907-796-6221
MatSu/Palmer 907-745-3360
Tanana/Fairbanks 907-474-1530