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Current IPM Plans

Organization Control Type Plans (PDF) Effective Expiration
Fairbanks International Airport Vegetation and Insect Control Fairbanks Airport IPM 06/2018 06/2020
Tesoro Ocean Dock Terminal - Anchorage Vegetation Control Tesoro IPM 05/2018 05/2019
Alaska Railroad Corporation Vegetation Control ARRC IPM 04/2019 04/2020
Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities Vegetation and Invasive Weed Control ADOT&PF IPM 04/2018 04/2020
Alaska Plant Materials Center Vegetation, Insect, and Plant Pathogen Control PMC IPM 07/2017 07/2019
DBI Services-White Pass and Yukon Route Vegetation Control DBI IPM 06/2017 05/2019
University of Alaska Anchorage Vegetation, Insects, and Plant Pathogen Controls UAA IPM (1.7M) 06/2017 05/2019
Anchorage International Airport Vegetation and Insect Control Anchorage Airport IPM 05/2019 04/2021
Ketchikan International Airport Vegetation Control Ketchikan Airport IPM (2.4M) 06/2017 06/2019
Enstar - CINGSA Well Pad Kenai Vegetation Control Enstar IPM 07/2016 09/2019