The Pesticide Control Program protects public health and the environment through regulation of pesticide use, sale, and distribution in Alaska.

*For complaints regarding pesticides, please see our How to Report a Pesticide Problem fact sheet or contact us at 800-478-2577 (in state).

Pesticide Products

Pesticide products must be registered with us to be sold in the State. This includes pesticides bought through the Internet. You can use the Search below to see if a product is currently registered.

Certified Applicators

Many uses of pesticides require the applicator to be certified and licensed with the State. For more information, please see our Certification and Training page.

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Permits & IPM

Hot Topic

Homer Soil and Water Conservation District has applied for an amendment to their permit 14-AQU-01a. Public comments on the amendment are requested before September 28, 2015. See the Public Notice for more information.

DEC has issued an emergency exemption to Department of Natural Resources for invasive elodea control in Lake Hood in Anchorage.

See the Exemption for more information.

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