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Do I Need to be a Certified Applicator?

State regulation (18 AAC 90.300) requires that anyone who “engages in the custom, commercial, or contract use of a pesticide” or acts as a “pesticide consultant” must be a certified pesticide applicator.

If you apply pesticides to someone else's property, this is considered a "custom, commercial, or contract" application. This is true even if you are not paid for the work.

Any product that claims to kill, prevent, destry, or repel a pest is considered a pesticide.

You probably need to be a certified pesticide applicator if you:

  • Apply pesticides to someone else’s property (except for most sanitizers and anti-microbial products)
  • Provide information and consultation about commercial pesticide use
  • Apply, purchase, or distribute Restricted Use Pesticides
  • Apply pesticides in schools or public places

Examples include:

  • Pest control companies
  • Lawn care services that apply a weed-and-feed product to a client’s lawn or spray for insects
  • Tree care companies that apply insect or disease control products

To become certified, applicators must successfully pass professional level examinations, submit proof of liability insurance, and pay a $25 fee.

For more information or to find out if you need to be certified, contact the Pesticide Control Program at 907-376-1870.