Product Registration

New Products:

New pesticide products can be registered in two ways - online at Kelly Registration Services or by paper/CD format to our office. Alaska requires registration for 25(b) products but does NOT require registration for Surfactants, Adjuvants or Pesticide Devices (unless there is a pesticide within the device).

If you choose not to register online, please submit the registration fee and the following information in PDF format:

  • Product Label including all UPC Codes
  • EPA Approved Label (most current)
  • Any other EPA documents revising product label
  • Alternate Brand Name, if applicable
  • Supplemental Distribution Form, if applicable
  • Pesticide Registration Application (PDF 819K)

Renewal of Products:

For products that are currently registered, DEC sends a renewal notice to product registrants each November for the upcoming year.

Submittals or Questions:

Please submit all registration documents and any questions on this process to Karen Davidson at or at 907-376-1858.