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Used Cooking Oil

In Alaska, options for disposing of commercial or large quantities of used cooking oil and grease are limited. Disposal is difficult because used cooking oil is a liquid and the solid waste regulations restrict the disposal of liquids in landfills. Other disposal methods can also be problematic. Open burning of used cooking oil causes black smoke, which is prohibited. Using it as fuel in most standard heating systems will cause black smoke and soot and may damage the system. Pouring used cooking oil down the drain will clog pipes and damage wastewater or septic systems.

How to Recycle Used Cooking Oil

Do not pour it down the drain! Available options will vary from place to place. Recycling of used cooking oil is encouraged where the opportunity is available. Possibilities for recycling include:

  • Pet Foods and Animal Feed – Pet food manufacturers, farmers, and dog mushers add the oil to foods.
  • Energy Source – Used cooking oils can be burned in some incinerators, or converted to a biodiesel fuel for use in generators or diesel engines.
  • Consumer products – Used cooking oil can be used to produce soap, cosmetics, glues, and other consumer products.

Some options for recycling of used cooking oil that currently exist within the state are listed below. If the used cooking oil cannot be recycled within the state, it must be collected and shipped out of state for proper disposal or recycling.

Disposal and Recycling Options in Alaska

Anchorage and Mat-Su

  • Municipality of Anchorage Solid Waste Services accepts quantities up to five gallons from residential customers. Call 907-343-6262 for information. 
  • Commercial cooking oil and grease in the Anchorage area can be recycled into biodiesel through Alaska Waste. Call 907-563-3717 for information about scheduling pick-up of uncontaminated commercial cooking oil and grease.
  • Mat-Su Borough Landfill accepts up to 5 gallons of used cooking oil from residential customers and up to 10 gallons from commercial customers at its transfer sites and at the landfill. Call 907-745-9838 for information.


  • Fairbanks North Star Borough Landfill accepts used cooking oil from both residential and commercial customers. Call 907-459-1482 for information.

Kenai Peninsula Borough

  • Soldotna Central Peninsula Landfill accepts used cooking oil in containers up to 5 gallons from both commercial and residential customers. Call 907-262-9667 for information.


  • Ketchikan Landfill accepts both residential and commercial used cooking oil for a fee. Call 907-225-2370 for information.
  • City of Juneau Household Hazardous Waste Program accepts both residential and commercial used cooking oil. Call 907-780-6601 for information. 


  • Contact local dog mushers who may use limited quantities of oil in their dog feed.
  • Contact electrical and wastewater utilities who may be able to use the oil as supplemental fuel for boilers or generators.
  • Contact landfills operating household hazardous waste collection centers.