Bob Blankenburg
Bob Blankenburg, P.E.
Program Manager

We are committed to protecting public health and the environment through ensuring effective solid waste management, which includes landfills, treatment systems, and solid waste storage facilities.

*Septic systems are regulated by the Division of Water - Wastewater Discharge. Contact them at (907) 269-6285.


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Current Interests

April is Earth Month with Earth Day on April 22!

WEAR Project

The Solid Waste Program is conducting a 4 year Waste Erosion Assessment and Review (WEAR) project to inventory and prioritize Alaska's eroding landfills, contaminated sites, and dumps. The project will run from 2012-2015. See the links below for more information.

Eroding Closed Landfill in Alakanuk
Eroding Landfill in Western Alaska

Spring Cleanup

Spring Cleanup Poster

Alaskan's for Litter Prevention and Recycling (ALPAR) is now distributing free litter bags for community cleanups.   If your community has not ordered their free ALPAR bags, please contact ALPAR at 907-644-7968 or alpar@gci.net to find out how to order.

Remember bags are for litter pick up in public areas and are not to be used for private property or household cleanup.