Recycling in Alaska

While the majority of recycled material coming out of Alaska is from the Anchorage area, most communities throughout the state participate in some form of recycling.  The recycling effort has many positive aspects for the community: a portion of the waste destined for the landfill is diverted; companies can save money by recycling material; carbon footprints are reduced; and new businesses are developed locally that rely on recycled material.

Recycling in Alaska had been gaining momentum as energy costs and the price of raw materials continued to rise.  A curb side recycling program in Anchorage helped to raise awareness of recycling and to increase the amount of recycled material being brought in.  The economic downturn has put a crimp in the recycling efforts throughout the state. The speed at which markets and prices for recycled materials bounces back, and the cost of shipping to deliver these goods to market, will have an impact with the recycling industry.

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