Proposed Animal Care Standards

Status of Animal Care Standards

Starting in November 2011, DEC hosted a series of workshops to discuss potential animal care standards. Draft standards were released to the public in an effort to facilitate conversations about various topics that may be addressed in regulation. The workshops were beneficial to receive initial feedback from stakeholders on what they would or would not like to see in regulation. Informal workshops of this nature are not required under the Alaska Administrative Procedure Act (AAPA), Alaska Statute (AS) 44.62, prior to developing regulatory language.

Under the AAPA, state agencies work in conjunction with their agency attorneys while crafting regulatory language. When the agency staff and attorneys feel the language is adequate, the regulation must undergo a public process before adoption. Under the AAPA, the public process consists of a formal public notice followed by a minimum 30-day public comment period.

At this time, the input received from the original informal workshops conducted in relation to the animal care standards draft language is still being considered. Prior to any regulations being implemented, a formal notice and comment period is required pursuant to the AAPA.