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Dairy and Meat Production

Milk and Milk Products/Cheese

Program Contact: Barbara Hanson, Dairy Sanitarian (907-375-8278)

The OSV performs oversight of the dairy industry in accordance with the FDA's Grade "A" Pasteurized Milk Ordinance and ensures that milk and milk products sold into commerce are manufactured, sold, and delivered in a safe and wholesome condition. The OSV's Environmental Health Officer inspects the sanitation conditions and equipment at the state's dairy farms and milk processing plants, and issues permits to dairy farms, processing plants, and haulers.

Raw Milk Information

In accordance with 18 AAC 32.060, raw milk can be sold only to a milk processing plant or for animal food. Commercial sales to the general public are prohibited. Raw milk can be used to make some cheeses and is not required to be pasteurized.

Reindeer Slaughter and Processing

The OSV oversees the producers and processors of reindeer intended to be sold as part of intrastate commerce for human consumption and ensures the commercial supply of reindeer meat is safe, wholesome, not adulterated, and correctly labeled and packaged.