Pet Import/Export

Bringing Pets To and From Alaska

A person may not import or transport any animal into Alaska which is affected with an infectious or communicable disease or which has been exposed to an infectious or communicable disease.

All animals are required to have a current Health Certificate to enter the state of Alaska.

Certain species of animals will require an import permit. Permits may be obtained by the veterinarian issuing the health certificate by calling (907) 375-8215.

Questions and Answers

What are the requirements for bringing dogs, cats, and ferrets into Alaska?

These animals require a current rabies vaccination if three (3) months of age or older and a small animal health certificate issued within 30 days of import. Persons with animals coming from a rabies quarantine area are required to contact the State Veterinarian office in Anchorage at (907) 375-8215 for issuance of a permit number.

Animals that are over 12 weeks of age and cannot be vaccinated for rabies due to a medical condition must have an Exemption From Rabies Vaccination Form (PDF) signed by the examining veterinarian, signed by the owner, and approved by the State of Alaska prior to entry.

What are the requirements for animals leaving the state and entering other states?

Other U.S. States: Individuals need to contact the state of destination to obtain import requirements. List of US State Veterinarians (PDF).

Alaska Ferry: A health certificate or permit is not required when transporting animals between ports within Alaska. When leaving Alaska, persons transporting animals are responsible for complying with the regulations of the state or country to which they are traveling. For information regarding Washington animal importation requirements, visit the website for the Washington State Department of Agriculture or call at 360-902-1800.

Canada: Dogs and cats that are accompanied by their owners and are over three months require a rabies vaccination certificate. Rabies Exemptions are generally not allowed. Contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency with any questions.

Only a current rabies certificate is required for dog and cat round-trip movement (i.e. vacation, sightseeing trips, dog shows, etc.) from Alaska to Canada that is not longer than one month. It is important to have the actual rabies certificate as proof of vaccination, not just a rabies tag. A health certificate is not required.

See the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's website for more information on importing animals to Canada: Importation of Pets or call at 250-363-3618. For travel by road through Canada, passengers might also wish to check with Canada Border Services Agency for related information.