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Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Class 2 Facilities

The DEC is in the process of creating a statewide inventory of a newly proposed classification of aboveground storage tank facilities: Class 2 Facilities.

If the regulations are adopted, this new class will include facilities that:

Proposed Regulations

The proposed regulations defining Class 2 Facilities and requiring they register with DEC can be found at this link:

The public comment period for the proposed regulations ended on 1/19/17. Comments and questions received by the department are currently under internal review. If adopted, the registration period for the proposed Class 2 will begin in fall 2017. Registration information will be limited to contact information and tank contents and capacity.

Community Outreach

We will have staff at the following meetings and events:

Anchorage: Alaska Forum on the Environment, 2/6-10/17

Bethel: Alaska Rural Resiliency Workshop, 2/21-23

Contact Information

For more information contact:
Amanda Compton
(907) 465-5237
Department of Environmental Conservation
410 Willoughby Ave., Ste. 303
Juneau, AK 99811