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Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Class 2 Facilities

The DEC is in the process of creating a statewide inventory of a newly proposed classification of aboveground storage tank facilities: Class 2 Facilities.

If the regulations are adopted, this new class will include facilities that:

Proposed Regulations

The proposed regulations defining Class 2 Facilities and requiring they register with DEC can be found at this link:

The public comment period for the proposed regulations ended on 1/19/17. Comments and questions received by the department are currently under internal review. If adopted, the registration period for the proposed Class 2 will begin in fall 2017. Registration information will be limited to contact information and tank contents and capacity.

Community Outreach

On April 24 & 25, 2017, DECís Contaminated Sites Program brownfield staff are moderating the annual State & Tribal Response Program (STRP) Workshop for Alaskaís 28 Tribal Response Program (TRP) grantees at the B.P. Energy Center in Anchorage. At this workshop, TRPís spend two days networking and attending presentations on brownfields, environmental and public health issues. Brochures from DECís Prevention, Preparedness and Response Program with information on Class 2 facilities will be available at this workshop.

Contact Information

For more information contact:
Amanda Compton
(907) 465-5237
Department of Environmental Conservation
410 Willoughby Ave., Ste. 303
Juneau, AK 99811