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Seafood Processor Protection Plans

When an oil spill occurs in Alaska waters, there is always the potential that the spilled oil may contaminate commercial fish species. For health and safety reasons, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation’s (ADEC) has always had a “zero tolerance” policy toward any contamination of food processed in Alaska. To enforce this policy State regulations (18 AAC 34 Article 6) were adopted outlining the responsibilities fishing vessels, tenders, and processing facilities to ensure contamination of commercial finfish and shellfish species does not reach the consumer.

Many processor use sea-water taken from the immediate vicinity of the plant to assist in the processing of their products. If a processor has oil entering the plant they are required to cease operations and notify ADEC. To minimize the potential risk of having oil enter the plants through these intakes, ADEC has developed oil spill response plans known as Processor Protection Plans (PPP), that may be implemented in the event of an oil spill. These plans have been developed in the Unalaska and Akutan area and are building upon lessons learned during the M/V Selendang Ayu incident in 2004-2005.

Aleutians PPP Index Map Aleutians PPP Index Map larger


Color key:
Green: GRS is final and adopted into Subarea Contingency Plan.
Yellow: Site selected for GRS development; draft GRS may be available for review by Workgroup members.

Download a printable pdf format file (263 KB) of this map and sitelist. The current file date is: June 27, 2008.

The plans available below have been developed in conjunction with a workgroup. The workgroup consisted of representatives from ADEC, the United States Coast Guard, the seafood processing companies, local governments and spill response professionals.  Download the plans by clicking on the links below.  

Index of PPP Sites

AK PPP-01 Dutch Harbor Processors (4.3MB pdf)
AK PPP-02 Iliuliuk Harbor - East Entrance (4.3MB pdf)
AK PPP-03 Iliuliuk Harbor - Southern Entrance (5.8MB pdf)
AK PPP-04 Westward Seafoods (3.6MB pdf)
AK PPP-05 Trident Seafoods - Akutan (3.7MB pdf)

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Project Participants

Public involvement was essential to ensure that the sites selected and the strategies developed reflect the environmental protection priorities of local communities, stakeholders, and resource users. The workgroup sought public input to ensure that everyone with a stake in Aleutian Subarea was made aware of Geographic Response Strategies and their importance during an oil spill response. If you have local knowledge about the this area or if you would like more information about Geographic Response Strategies please contact: dec.spar.grs@alaska.gov

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