Division of Spill Prevention and Response


2010 Hazmat Commodity Flow Study


NOTE: Due to the size of the report, it has been split into several files for quicker download.


bullet 1-Introduction (PDF 2.06MB)  
bullet 2-Methodology (PDF 567K)  
bullet 3-Transportation Analysis (PDF 5.55MB)  
bullet 4-Hazmat Class Analysis (PDF 901K)  
bullet 5.1- Subarea Analysis (SE Alaska) (PDF 1.7MB)  
bullet 5.2- Subarea Analysis (Prince William Sound) (PDF 1.71MB)  
bullet 5.3-Subarea Analysis (Cook Inlet) (PDF 1.63MB)  

5.4- Subarea Analysis (Kodiak) (PDF 1.48MB)

bullet 5.5- Subarea Analysis (Aleutians) (PDF 1.71MB)  
bullet 5.6- Subarea Analysis (Bristol Bay) (PDF890K)  
bullet 5.7- Subarea Analysis (Western AK) (PDF 1.41MB)  
bullet 5.8- Subarea Analysis (Northwest Arctic) (PDF 1.42MB)  
bullet 5.9- Subarea Analysis (North Slope) (PDF 2.12MB)  
bullet 5.10- Subarea Analysis (Interior AK) (PDF 1.66MB)  
bullet 6-Conclusions and Recommendations (PDF 1.20MB)  
bullet 7-Appendices (PDF 5.07MB)