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Illegal Drug Manufacturing Sites


List of Illegal Drug Manufacturing Sites
In July 2003, Governor Frank Murkowski signed into law House Bill (HB) 59, "An Act relating to the evaluation and cleanup of sites where certain controlled substances may have been manufactured or stored.” The impetus for the bill was the increase in clandestine methamphetamine drug manufacturing laboratories in Alaska. The bill was designed to provide a mechanism for property owners impacted by the manufacture of illegal drugs to have their property declared ‘fit for use’ after being cleaned. The requirements established through HB 59, subsequently amended in 2006 through HB 149, were promulgated into Alaska Statutes (AS 46.03.500 through AS 46.03.599).

As required by HB 59, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has adopted regulations for the evaluation and cleanup of illegal drug manufacturing sites (18 AAC 79). These regulations include provisions which


  • Establish fit-for-use standards;

  • Identify methods for analysis of environmental samples collected from affected sites;

  • Specify protocols for handling the samples before analysis to ensure that they are not compromised; and,

  • Describe site cleanup guidelines to be used by affected property owners or their contractors;

The new law additionally requires the Department to:


  • Establish and maintain a list of analytical labs in the state that are to be used to evaluate samples taken by the property owner or their contractors

  • Maintain a list of the properties that the Alaska Department of Public Safety has determined to be illegal drug manufacturing sites.

Determination of ‘Fit-for-Use’ standards in Alaska

The DEC effort to identify health-based standards for substances found at illegal drug manufacturing sites are documented within the report "‘Fit-for-Use’ Standards for Sites Associated with Clandestine Drug Labs Proposal and Basis for Alternative Standards" dated September 15, 2004. View the report (PDF 290K)


Guidance for Cleanup of Illegal Drug Manufacturing Sites

This document provides guidance for the cleanup and evaluation of building interiors that have been contaminated from activities associated with the manufacture of certain illegal drugs. The document describes the methods to remove residual contamination from building interiors and to verify that cleanup standards have been met via sampling and laboratory analyses.


Guidance document (PDF 1.37MB updated 11/17/2007) updated

Clandestine Drug Lab Cleanup Requirements (PDF 259K) -- Pamphlet with general information about drug lab cleanup requirements


Analytical Laboratory List

The analytical laboratories identified in this list may be utilized to perform the sample analysis required to determine whether a residence, formerly used as an illegal drug manufacturing site is “Fit for Use”. The downloadable file has contact information for laboratories, and a listing the kinds of analyses each lab can or cannot do. View the list of labs (PDF 40K).


Potential Vendors of Sampling and Decontamination Equipment

This downloadable file shows some potential sampling and decontamination equipment vendors that can be contacted for equipment rental or purchase. This list is not meant to be an endorsement of any vendor. Vendors who wish to be added to the list may contact the PPR webmaster. View the list of vendors (PDF 65K).

Additional Information
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