Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Regional/Area Planning Proposal

In an effort to be better prepared in the event of an oil spill or hazardous materials release, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and United States Coast Guard (USCG) are considering adjusting from the existing Unified Plan for oil spill and hazardous materials releases to becoming consistent with the National Contingency Plan and the National Response Framework.


Currently, the state and federal agencies operate under two plan volumes. The first volume is the Unified Plan, which contains statewide guidance, policy and response procedures and the second volume is the applicable subarea contingency plan. Alaska is currently divided into 10 subareas for planning purposes, but the proposed changes involve replacing the current system with an Alaska Regional Plan and four Area Plans.  The four Area Plans will combine several of the current sub areas under a nationally recognized planning structure. The information included in the current sub area format will be transferred to Geographic Annexes within the Area Plans. Management of the Regional Plans will be by the Alaska Regional Response Team while the Area Plans will be managed by the State and Federal On Scene Coordinators.


This website will provide information on the process, Frequently Asked Questions, maps and how the public can participate in the process.  Check back often for updates.

Public and Other Stakeholder Input


If this proposal is adopted, it will require changes to Alaska State Regulations. There are no specific regulation revisions proposed at this time, and no draft regulations to review. However, the State of Alaska noticed for public scoping for possible updates to Master Prevention and Contingency Plan Boundary Regulations. This notice is now closed and is under internal review. View the Online Public Notice and Public Comment Summary.


Proposed Framework

Proposed Area Plans

Arctic Area Prince William Sound Area
Western Alaska Area Southeast Area

Plan Responsibility Matrix


The below table is a depiction of the existing plans and how they may be changed under this proposal.

Government Responsible Current Plan Name Proposed Plan Name Prior to 1993 Notes
EPA & USCG Nat'l Contingency Plan (NCP) NCP    
RRT Unified Plan Alaska Regional Plan   1993 state and feds created one plan to fulfil requirements of Regional Plan & Master Plan = Unified Plan
FOSCs & SOSCs Unified Plan (Subarea plans are part of the Unified Plan) (AS 46.04.210) Area Plans (Arctic, Western, PWS, and Southeast)   Area plans will satisfy the requirement of regional master Plans as stated in AS 46.04.210
State     Master Plan Met requirements of NCP for state to have Master Plan.
Area Committees Subarea Plans (18 AAC 75.496) Geographic Annex of Area Plans   The Area Plans will have area committees; there will not be separate area committees for the geographic annexes to the APs





Creating Area Committees