Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Integrity and Engineering Unit

Unit Manager:
Sam Saengsudham
(907) 269-3078

The Integrity and Engineering Unit (IEU) provides the engineering services to the Program that are necessary to implement spill prevention and response management programs in an efficient and effective manner. Specifically, this unit provides engineering assessments of regulated facilities, and supports the state's oil spill prevention and other department initiatives by applying knowledge of design & inspection standards and codes, and corrosion, metallurgical, hydraulic, structural, and arctic engineering practice. Many state of the art engineering practices are considered due to the variability and harshness of the climatic regions of Alaska.

The unit provides engineering support to the Prevention Preparedness and Response Program Manager, unit managers, and contingency plan reviewers to assure the structural integrity, maintenance, repair, and safety of high-volume, high-pressure pipelines, piping and storage tanks located at regulated facilities throughout the state.

Regulated Facilities: Oil Terminals and Tank Farms, Oil Exploration, Production and Refinery facilities, Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.

Oil Pollution Prevention Requirements - Article 1 of 18 AAC 75 - are found at 18 AAC 75.005 to 18 AAC 75.090.  Statute and Regulation citations are also imbedded throughout the website and a link to them is located on the right hand bar of this page.

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