Division of Spill Prevention and Response




Prevention Preparedness and Response Program. Overview of the Prevention Preparedness and Response Program.

Spill Reporting Placards (PDF 690K) (updated 1/2015)


Homeowner Guidance

Aboveground Heating Oil Tank Inspection Guide

Underground Heating Oil Tank Closure Guide

Underground Heating Oil Tank Inspection Guide

Earthquakes, Floods and Home Heating Oil Tanks

Home Heating Oil Tank Installation Guidelines

Alaska Heating Oil Tanks

Inspection Checklist


Response Plans and Guidelines

In Situ Burning Guidelines for Alaska -- Revision 1, Final (August 2008). The Alaska in situ burning guidelines are used by State onscene coordinators to authorize an emergency in situ burn of oil. (PDF 645K, added 9/28/2009)

Alaska Incident Management System (AIMS). Guide for Oil and Hazardous Substance Response cooperatively developed by industry, spill coops, Federal and State agencies. (November 2002, PDF 2.19 MB)

Tundra Treatment Manual (3rd edition, December 2010). Literature review and tundra cleanup guidelines.
Spill Tactics for Alaska Responders (STAR)
Alaska Commercial Fisheries Water Quality Sampling Methods & Procedures Manual (added 8/22/06)
HAZMAT Response
Alaska Statewide Hazardous Materials Response Team. Brochure providing a general overview of the the Statewide Hazmat Response Team. (February 2005, PDF 258K)

Hazmat Commodity Flow Study


After Action Reports

Joint After-Action Report for the TAPS Bullet Hole Response. Following any significant response to an oil or hazardous substance release incident, the key response agencies normally prepare an after-action report to document the significant lessons learned in order to improve future responses of this nature.Staff from Alyeska Pipeline Service Company (APSC), the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation(DEC), the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Joint Pipeline Office (JPO), and other entities involved in the response have collaborated in producing this joint after-action report. (PDF 1.5 MB) (added 2/26/02)

1998 Alaska Spill of National Significance (SONS) Exercise, Final Report. Joint evaluation report prepared by a team of representatives from BP, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, the US Coast Guard and ERST/O'BRIEN'S.

University of Alaska Gold Creek Spill Site Panel Review Report. Final report by a 4-person expert panel hired by the Alaska Railroad to peer review the existing data and provide an opinion on the condition of the site.


Southeast Alaska Vessel Traffic Study (July 2012, 23.8 MB)

Vessel Traffic in the Aleutians Subarea: Updated Report to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (September 20, 2006). Updated report describing vessel traffic within and through the Aleutians. Prepared by Nuka Research & Planning Group, LLC. and Cape International, Inc. (added 10/11/2006)updated
(version for printing, PDF 7.3 MB; version for on-screen viewing, PDF 2.8 MB)