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ARRC Engine Tank Spill, MP 81

Incident Description
Location MP 81, Alaska Railroad near Bird Point.
Product/Quantity Alaska Railroad Corporation (ARRC) estimates approximately 1200 gallons of diesel fuel spilled from the 1300 gallon locomotive fuel tank. The diesel spill spread for approximately one-half mile along the railroad ballast.
Cause The locomotive struck a rock on the track. The rock hit the 1300 gallon locomotive fuel tank and punctured it creating a two-inch hole.
Time/Date of Incident 2:30 PM, December 3, 2006. Alaska Railroad Corporation notified the Alaska State Troopers who reported the spill to ADEC on December 3, 2006 at 3:00 PM.
Situation Reports and Related Information
12/04/2006 (45K)
12/05/2006 (47K)
12/11/2006 (47K) - FINAL
ARRC Engine Tank Spill Site ARRC Engine Tank Spill Site ARRC Engine Tank Spill Site ARRC Mobile Command Center
Fiber Optic Locate next to Railroad. Excavation of railroad contaminated ballast with sampling.    
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