Tesoro KPL Facility Crude Oil/Water Mixture

Location Tesoro Kenai Pipe Line (KPL) Facility, Nikiski, Alaska (Lat/Long: 60.685319, -151.391169)
Product/Quantity Tesoro estimated 168 gallons of crude oil/water mixture were released to the environment. The oil/water mixture ratio is unknown. Tesoro reported approximately 42 gallons were released to the secondary containment area and 126 gallons were released outside of secondary containment area.
Cause During transfer operations the effected piping was noted to be above standard line pressure approximately 110-psi. The facility typically operates this segment of piping at 15 (+/-10) PSI with a maximum operation pressure of 285 psi. Facility personnel attempted to clear blockage by reversing flow within the affected segment of piping. At 110 PSI piping failed due to corrosion under insulation and internal corrosion of the pipe.
Time/Date of Incident 3:15 p.m. December 18, 2016


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