Division of Spill Prevention and Response


PPR Statutes and Regulations


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AS 46.03.010. Declaration of policy
AS 46.03.020. Powers of the department
AS 46.03.024. Consideration in adopting pollution regulations
AS 46.03.311. Public records

AS 46.03.365 - AS46.03.450 Underground Storage Tank Systems

AS 46.04.030. Oil discharge prevention and contingency plans.
AS 46.04.035. Registration of oil spill response action contractors.
AS 46.04.040. Proof of financial responsibility.
AS 46.04.045. Adjustment of dollar amounts.
AS 46.04.047. Noncrude oil operations.
AS 46.04.050. Exemptions.
AS 46.04.055. Nontank vessels and railroad tank cars.
AS 46.04.060. Inspections.
AS 46.04.065. Compliance verification for nontank vessels and for trains and related facilities and operations.
AS 46.04.900 Definitions.


18 AAC 75, Article 1 Oil pollution prevention requirements
18 AAC 75, Article 2 Financial responsibility for oil discharges.

18 AAC 75, Article 3 Discharge, Reporting, Cleanup, and Disposal of Oil and Other Hazardous Substances. 
18 AAC 75, Article 4 Oil discharge prevention and contingency plans and nontank vessel plans.
18 AAC 75, Article 5 Oil spill primary response action contractors and nontank vessel cleanup contractors, incident management teams, and response planning facilitators.
18 AAC 75, Article 9 General provisions.

18 AAC 78 Underground Storage Tanks.

18 AAC 79 Illegal Drug Manufacturing Sites.

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