Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Automatic Line Leak Detection

Pressurized Piping Leak Detection

How do you tell if you have an automatic line leak detector or a stand-alone sump sensor?
Opening the sump lid.
First, open the sump lid of your pressurized
piping system.

Looking into the sump.

Second, locate the pump. It is usually red or blue and is between the top of the tank and the piping which leads to the dispenser.

Next, look for the line leak detector. Can you see a mechanical or electronic line leak detector?

The mechanical device is threaded into the pump head and has no wiring connections. They usually have a round or hexagonal top and should have a stamped brand name like Red Jacket, EBW, Vaporless, FE Petro or Veeder-Root. Newer models have copper bleed lines attached.


Red jacket.
Red Jacket



FE Petro.
FE Petro

The electronic device is also threaded into the pump head. It is either wireless or hard-wired to the pump electrical system. Common brand names are Incon and Veeder-Root.



Oops. If you find no evidence of a line leak detector, your pump probably looks like this. This is an unsafe system and should be retrofitted with a mechanical or electronic line leak detector. No line leak dtection.

Sump Sensor. If you have double wall piping, you may find a a sump sensor like the two pictured here to the right. However, a sump sensor must be used in combination with a line leak detector.


Sump sensor #1.

Sump sensor #2