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building A drill rig takes soil samples at a site in Glennallen, Alaska targeted for reuse as the home for a new fire station. Environmental sampling is one of the many services that applicants are eligible for through the DBAC program. 

The DEC Brownfield Assessment and Cleanup (DBAC) request period is now open for project work beginning in July 2017.

DEC continues to assist Alaskan communities across the state by conducting environmental site assessments and cleanups at qualifying brownfield sites. In 2016, our work included site assessments (soil and groundwater), hazardous building materials removal, and bioremediation of excavated soil. DBAC services are intended to help reduce the environmental uncertainties or conditions that hinder the reuse or redevelopment of a brownfield.

DBAC objectives are:

  • Help clarify whether an environmental problem is limiting a site’s use or intended reuse or redevelopment;

  • Help identify the nature and extent of contamination;

  • Provide recommendations and estimate costs for additional assessment, if needed;

  • Propose typical cleanup options and provide a general estimate of cleanup costs, if indicated; and

  • When funding permits, conduct cleanup activities designed to enable reuse of a site.

In selecting projects, we look for solid reuse or redevelopment plans and strong community support and commitment. For more information check out our DBAC Fact Sheet. This year's DBAC request period will close at 5:00pm AKST on January 31, 2017. To apply for funding, download and submit the current DBAC Application to our office.

Contact Christy Howard at (907) 465-5206 for assistance or additional information.