Division of Spill Prevention and Response


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Status: Active  
Location: North of Kotzebue, AK    
ADEC Contaminated Sites Contact: Rich Sundet, Project Manager - 907-269-7578

DEC Risk Assessment Checklist and Tentative Risk Assessment Schedule for the

DeLong Mountain Regional Transportation System (DMTS) Transportation Corridor

Task Number Check Tasks Date Comment
1 þ Risk Assessment Scoping Meeting August 22, 2002 DEC Project Manager; DEC Risk Assessment Staff and consultants; Responsible Person (RP); and RP consultants
2 þ Teck Cominco submits revised Conceptual Site Model (CSM) Early Oct.2002 & Mid Dec. 02 Identifies all potential exposure. Submitted to DEC project manager. Second revised version submitted Mid-Dec. addressing DEC comments.
3 þ DEC Approves Conceptual Site Model January 22, 2003  
4 þ Teck Cominco submits Draft Work Plan for the Risk Assessment January 2003 Includes CSM identifying all completed pathways. Submitted to DEC project manager.
5 þ Public review and comment period on Draft Work Plan, including human health and ecological risk Mid-Jan. - late Feb. 2003 30-day Public Notice Period during Feb. 03 for comments on the Draft Work Plan, including public meetings
6 þ DEC works with Teck Cominco to address DEC's concerns and public comments on the risk assessment work plan. Mid-March - Dec. 2003 To DEC project manager
7 þ Field sampling: Teck Cominco develops a Sampling Plan to fill in soil and other physical data gaps identified during the work plan process* Data gathered in summer. Mid-June 2003 DEC approves sampling plan
8 þ DEC provides comments to Teck Cominco on the draft risk assessment workplan and publishes Responsiveness Summary (PDF 47K) December 2003 and early February 2004  
9 þ Teck Cominco submits a revised Risk Assessment Work Plan.
Early February 2004  
10 þ DEC provides comments regarding revised Risk Assessment Work Plan (PDF 556K). Mid-April 2004  
11 þ DEC approves Sampling Plan and publishes Responsiveness Summary. Early June 2004  
12 þ More field sampling:Teck Cominco gathers data on plants and animals. Data collected in summer. Early June 2004 DEC approves sampling plan
13 þ Teck Cominco submits final response to DEC revised Risk Assessment Work Plan comments. Mid-September 2004  
14 þ Comment resolution meeting. Discussions on-going between DEC and Teck Cominco. Mid-April to early October 2004  
15 þ DEC approves revised Risk Assessment Work Plan and publishes Responsiveness Summary (response to comments on draft) October 20, 2004 For the revised risk assessment work plan
16 þ DEC Reviews draft Risk Assessment report September 8, 2005 Comments provided to RP after a public notice period, April 12 - July 11, for comments on the draft Risk Assessment Report
17 þ Teck Cominco Submits response to DEC Risk Assessment Comments November 10, 2005 to June 28, 2007 To DEC project manager
18 þ Comment Resolution Meeting June 29 to October 30, 2007 For the risk assessment draft Report
19 þ DEC Approves the Risk Assessment Report December 19, 2007 For the risk assessment final Report
20 o DEC Makes Risk Management Decision and Approves Alternative Cleanup Levels, Remedial Action, or No Further Action TBD  

*Some tasks may occur concurrently

**TBD = To be determined