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Department of Defense Sites in Alaska

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This page lists Department of Defense (DOD) sites with known contamination by the primary federal agency responsible for oversight. Some sites listed have links to site summaries with more information about the history of contamination and the cleanup effort. To search for more detailed information and sites, please see the Contaminated Sites Program Databases.

DOD Agencies with contaminated sites in Alaska
Air Force Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS)
Army Defense Logistics Agency
Navy Defense Energy Support Center
  see also Military Munitions Response Program sites

bullet Defense State Memorandum of Agreement (DSMOA) Attachment A - DOD installations list - January 2008 (PDF 42K)

List of Department of Defense Agencies and associated contaminated sites in Alaska

bulletAdministrative Records for Military Bases CERCLA in Alaska available from the 611th Civil Engineer Squadron.

List of Air Force sites in Alaska

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Map of remote Air Force sites in Alaska.
Map of remote Air Forces sites in Alaska, courtesy of the 611th Civil Air Squadron.
  • Anvil Mountain RRS
  • Barter Island BAR-M
  • Bear Creek RRS
  • Beaver Creek RRS
  • Bethel BIA Site
  • Bethel RRS
  • Big Mountain RRS
  • Bullen Point POW-3
  • Campion AFS
  • Canyon Creek RRS
  • Cape Lisburne LRRS
  • Cape Newenham LRRS
  • Cape Romanzof LRRS
  • Chena River RRS
  • Clear AS
  • Cold Bay LRRS
  • Driftwood Bay RRS
  • Eielson AFB
  • Elmendorf AFB
  • Eareckson AFS
  • Fort Yukon LRRS
  • Galena Airport
  • Gold King Creek RRS
  • Granite Mountain RRS
  • Indian Mountain LRRS
  • Kalakaket Creek RRS
  • King Salmon Airport
  • Kotzebue LRRS
  • Kulis Air National Guard - Anchorage
  • Lake Louise Rec
  • Murphy Dome AFS
  • Naknek Rec Camp Site 01
  • Naknek Rec Camp Site 02
  • Nikolski RRS
  • Nome Tank Farm
  • North River RRS
  • Oliktok POW-2
  • Pillar Mountain RRS
  • Point Barrow POW-M
  • Port Heiden
  • Point Lay LIZ-2
  • Point Lonely POW-1
  • Port Moller RRS
  • Sparrevohn LRRS
  • Sparrevohn Rec.
  • Tatalina LRRS
  • Tin City LRRS
  • Wainwright LIZ-3

See also Air Force Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) sites

Many documents which are part of the adminstrative record of sites under the control of the Air Force 611th Civil Engineering Squadron are available at the Labat-Anderson Incorporated website.

bullet "All Around Alaska" newsletter, December 2004 (PDF 11.5MB) July 2003 in three sections: (Zipped PDF 3.84M) (Zipped PDF 3.06M) (Zipped PDF 2.1M)

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List of Army Sites in Alaska

See also Army Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) sites

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List of Navy Sites in Alaska

  • Adak NAS – (BRAC 95)
  • Amchitka FSSC
  • Barrow Navy Arctic Research Lab
  • Cape Sabine DEW
  • Point McIntyre DEW
  • Tin City White Alice Navy
  • Wales Arctic Submarine Lab/Naval Field Station

See also Navy Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) sites

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Formerly Used Defense Sites

In 2002, DEC, the US Army Corps of Engineers and EPA signed a Statewide Management Action Plan (MAP) on cleanup of Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) in Alaska. This agreement is part of a national pilot project between States and DOD to improve coordination and cleanup activities at FUDS. It describes the FUDS program and the state and federal oversight roles. It includes a list of all known FUDS in Alaska, the status of each, and a joint prioritization list for future work at many of the sites. The agreement and tables included in it may be accessed at the links below.

bullet GIS information online:Formerly Used Defense Sites Program Public Geographic Information System
bullet AK District Army Corps of Engineers FUDS website.

List of FUDS in Alaska

Map of FUDS sites in Alaska
Map of the Formerly Used Defense Sites in Alaska, courtesy of the U.S Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Agattu Island, Aleutians
  • Akutan Island, Aleutians
  • Alaska Highway
  • AM River Air Base
  • Amaknak Island
  • Amchitka AF Auxiliary Field
  • Anchorage ACS Storage Annex
  • Aniak Airport
  • Anvil Mt. (FUDS)
  • Atka AF Aux. Field
  • Attu Island, Aleutians
  • Barter Island DEW Station
  • Bethel Airport (former)
  • Bethel BIA Headquarters
  • Bettles Radio Range Station
  • Bettles Airport
  • Brownlow Point
  • Bruhn Point – Kodiak
  • Burma Road – Kodiak
  • Buskin Beach
  • Caines Head (Seward)
  • Cape Chiniak Tracking Station
  • Cape Nome ACS
  • Cape Prince of Wales AWS
  • Cape Prominence (Unalaska)
  • Cape Rodney
  • Cape Sarichef
  • Cape Simpson DEW Line
  • Cape Thompson Nav. Site
  • Cape Yakak Radio Station – Adak
  • Cape Yakataga
  • Caton Island
  • Chernofski HBR
  • Cold Bay ACS COM - Ft. Randall
  • Collinson Point
  • Cordova Airport
  • Craig ACS
  • Davidson’s Landing AF Auxiliary Field
  • Demarcation Point
  • Elson Lagoon
  • Fort Babcock, Sitka
  • Fort Glenn, Aleutians
  • Fort Learnard
  • Fort Pierce, Sitka
  • Fort Ray, Sitka
  • Fort Rosseau, Sitka
  • Fort Smith/Little Naval Station - Kodiak
  • Fort St. Michael, Mouth of Yukon River
  • Fort Tidball/Long Island – Kodiak bullet Decision Document - Long Island (PDF 4.08M)
  • FUDS Management Action Plan (MAP)
  • Gambell – St. Lawrence bullet Decision Document - Gambell (PDF 1.78M)
  • Gerstle River Expansion Area
  • Great Sitkin, Aleutians
  • Griffin Point
  • Gulkana Repositioning & Army
  • Gustavus Airport
  • Haines Cut-off Road
  • Haines-Fairbanks Pipeline
  • Hoonah RRS
  • Icy Cape
  • Juniper Creek Fuel Dump
  • Kiska, Aleutians
  • Kodiak Navy/Army bullet Decision Document - Drury Gulch (PDF 6.45M) bullet Decision Document - Bells Flats (PDF 4.88M)
  • Kodiak Tracking Station
  • Kogru Dew Point
  • Kougarok AFB
  • Krusenstern – Kotzebue
  • Lake Peters
  • Lava Lake Weather Station
  • Manning Point
  • Middleton Island WACS
  • Moses Point
  • Sitka NOB
  • Nike Site Bay
  • Nike Site Jig
  • Nike Site Love
  • Nome Defense Region
  • Northeast Cape (St. Lawrence Island)
  • Northway ACS
  • Northway Staging Field
  • Nuvagapak Point
  • Ocean Cape RRS
  • Ogliuga Island
  • Ohlson Mt.
  • Peard Bay
  • Pedro Dome
  • Point Barrow Radio Station
  • Point Spencer
  • Porcupine River DEW Staging Camp
  • Port Clarence Loran Station
  • Port of Whittier
  • Pt. Heiden / Fort Morrow
  • Scotch Cap
  • Semisopochnoi
  • Sitkinak Island RRS
  • Skull Cliff
  • Susitna Gunnery Range
  • Tanaga Island
  • Teller Supply and Storage Site
  • Tigalda Island
  • Ugadaga Bay Station
  • Umiat AFS
  • Unalakleet AFS
  • Unalga Island, Dutch Harbor
  • Walseth AFB
  • Wildwood AFS
  • Yakatat AFB

See also Army Corps of Engineers Formerly Used Defense Sites which are Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) sites

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List of Defense Logistics Agency Sites in Alaska

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List of Defense Energy Support Center Sites in Alaska