Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Email Notification List

The Contaminated Sites Program invites you to learn more about its programs through an electronic mailing list. If you sign up to be on our list, we will periodically send you an e-mail message with news, updates and pertinent information about the program. You might be interested in this if you:

  • Perform work under our state regulations for cleanup of contaminated sites and leaking underground storage tanks (18AAC75 and 18AAC 78)
  • Are responsible for cleaning up contaminated soil or groundwater.
  • Are interested in news and current issues about contaminated sites.

Sign up for our email list: After you do, you will receive an automatic email, asking you to verify your email address. Please reply to that email, keeping the text of the verification email in your reply. Then you'll be added to our list and receive an automatic welcome response.

Thanks for your interest.