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For CS regulations and statutes, please see Current Regulations and Statutes, and Proposed Regulation Changes.

2011 Final IC Guidance
Updated: February 2011
Appendix I, Building Survey form Vapor Intrusion
Updated: October 2012
Arctic Zone Cleanup Levels Guidance
Updated: March 2017
Arsenic Technical Memorandum
Updated: March 2009
Biogenic Interference and Silica Gel Cleanup - Technical Memorandum
Updated: May 2006
Characterization and Remediation of Soils at Closed Small Arms Firing Ranges
Updated: December 2003
Cleanup Levels Comparison Spreadsheet
Updated: November 2016
Cleanup Level Matrix for Hazardous Substances in Soil
Updated: January 1995
Guidance on Developing Conceptual Site Models
Updated: January 2017
Contamination in Hydrologically Connected Groundwater and Surface Water
Updated: April 2011
DEC Cleanup Levels For PFOS and PFOA
Updated: August 2016
Design and Maintenance of Landfarming Operations - Checklist
Updated: March 2011
Design and Maintenance of Landfarming Operations - Technical Memorandum
Updated: March 2011
Determining Background Concentrations (EPA Guidance)
Updated: September 2002
Determining the Fraction of Organic Carbon for Methods Three and Four
Updated: March 2017
Cleanup Levels for Soil and Groundwater
Updated: November 2017
Disposal of Polluted Soil
Updated: September 2016
Draft Cleanup Levels Guidance for Methods Two and Three
Updated: April 2017
Dredge Material Guidance
Updated: June 2013
Updated: October 2010
Ecoscoping Guidance: A Tool for Developing an Ecological Conceptual Site Model
Updated: March 2014
Ecoscoping Guidance: Blank Ecoscoping Form
Updated: March 2014
Environmental Molecular Diagnostics (EMDs)
Updated: November 2011
EPA's Land Use in the CERCLA Remedy Selection
Updated: October 2001
EPA's Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste, Physical/Chemical Methods (SW-846) -- Adopted by Reference
Updated: 2009
EPA's Quality System Web page
EPA Contaminated Sediment Remediation Guidance for Hazardous Waste Sites
Updated: December 2005
EPA Eco Update - Evaluating Ground-Water/Surface-Water Transition Zones in Ecological Risk Assessments
Updated: July 2008
Information about Exposure to TCE
Updated: November 2017
EPA Sampling Guidance
Updated: October 2003
Fate and Transport Modeling Guidance
Updated: January 2017
Field Sampling Guidance For Contaminated Sites and Leaking Underground Storage Tank Sites
Updated: August 2017
Treatment of Non-Detect Values, Data Reduction for Multiple Detections and Comparison of Quantitation Limits to Cleanup Values Tech Memo
Updated: April 2017
Final Tech Memo - Qualified Sampler Training
Updated: September 2016
Groundwater Cleanup Levels
Updated: January 2016
Groundwater In The Unsaturated And Saturated Zones -- Guidance No. SPAR 00-1
Updated: February 2000
Human Health Graphic Form (interactive)
Updated: October 2010
Human Health Scoping Form (interactive)
Updated: January 2017
ITRC Adoption Tech Memo
Updated: November 2015
ITRC CSM Checklist for VI Investigations
Updated: March 2016
ITRC Environmental Molecular Diagnostics
Updated: April 2013
ITRC Incremental Sampling Methodology
Updated: Feb. 2012
Lab Data and QA Policy Tech Memo
Updated: March 2017
Laboratory Data Review Checklist
Updated: July 2017
Laboratory Data Review Checklist for Air Samples Vapor Intrusion
Updated: February 2015
Monitored Natural Attenuation for the 21st Century
Updated: February 2014
Monitored Natural Attenuation Guidance
Updated: December 2011
Monitoring Well Guidance
Updated: September 2013
Operation Requirements for Soil Treatment Facilities -- Adopted by Reference
Updated: March 2013
Updated: April 2016
Petroleum Hydrocarbon Cleanup for Oversize Material - Technical Memorandum
Updated: September 2005
Petroleum Mass Fraction Spreadsheet
Updated: November 2016
Procedures for Calculating Cleanup Levels
Updated: September 2016
Procedures for Calculating Cumulative Risk
Updated: September 2016
Public Records Request Form
Updated: April 2017
Risk Assessment Procedures Manual Updated October 2015
Updated: October 1, 2015
Sediment Quality Guidelines - Technical Memorandum
Updated:January 2013
Sediment Quality Guideline Options for the State of Alaska
Updated: May 2001
Site Closure Memorandum
Updated: August 2016
Site Characterization Work Plan and Reporting Guidance for Investigation of Contaminated Sites
Updated: March 2017
Small Arms Range Characterization
Updated: May 2015
Soil Cleanup Levels under Method Two
Updated: January 2016
Soil Water Partitioning Technical Memorandum
Updated: November 2008
Spill Reporting Form
Updated: June 2014
Statistical Design / Analysis - The Army Corps of Engineers Interim Guidance for Incremental Sampling (IS) of Soil for the Military Munitions Response Program
Updated: July 2009
Statistical Design / Analysis - ProUCL statistical software
Updated: June 2016
Technical Background Document for Selection and Application of Default Assessment Endpoints and Indicator Species in Alaskan Ecoregions
Updated: June 1999
Technical Background Document for Selection and Application of Default Assessment Endpoints and Indicator Species in Alaskan Ecoregions - Figures and Tables
Updated: September 2008
Toxicity of the Polar Fraction in Petroleum - Technical Memorandum
Updated: January 2001
Transport, Treatment, & Disposal Approval Form for Contaminated Media
Updated: December 2014
Tundra Treatment Guidelines Levels
Updated: 2010
User's Guide for Selection and Application of Default Assessment Endpoints and Indicator Species in Alaskan Ecoregions
Updated: June 1999
Underground Storage Tank Procedures Manual
Updated: March 2017
Utility and Right-of-Way Projects with Contaminated Media
Updated: April 2017
Vapor Intrusion Guidance
Updated: November 2017
Vapor Intrusion Pathway: A Practical Guideline by the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council)
Updated: October 2012
Site-specific Calculators
Updated: November 2016

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