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DEC's Division of Spill Prevention and Response is concerned about mercury as an environmental health risk. This page contains a compilation of basic information about mercury, toxicity, sources of mercury, monitoring and reduction efforts, and regulatory aspects. The site will be updated as new information becomes available.

If you have any questions on the contents of this page or questions on mercury, please contact Ted Wu at (907) 451-2269.

News (Updated 07/14/2017)

Traditional Food Contaminant Data for Hawk Inlet near Angoon, Alaska (March 2016)

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National Park Service Study:

The National Park Service released its' survey Mercury in Fish from 21 Western and Alaskan National Parks in 2014. This survey of fish in nine lakes and one stream in four Alaska national park units has detected mercury. The study also found measurable levels of mercury in fish in other western United States national parks.

Air Monitoring:

Hair Monitoring:

Fish Monitoring:

Mercury Cyling Through the Environment