Division of Spill Prevention and Response


ADOT&PF Soldotna Maintenance Station

Database Name: ADOT&PF Soldotna Maintenance Station

Status: Cleanup Complete

Location: Soldotna

Latitude: 60.483899

Longitude: -151.060833


DEC Contaminated Sites contact: Evonne Reese, Institutional Controls Manager, (907) 465-5229 (Juneau)

Contacts updated: July 18, 2014

Summary updated: Feb. 26, 2004

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The former ADOT&PF maintenance yard is now a grassy park. Painted cement cylinders covering monitoring wells also provide seating for park users. (DEC photo, 4/03)




Pathway in the park skirts the edge of the bank above the Kenai River. Additional monitoring wells are visible in the distance. (DEC photo, 4/03)


The former Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities Soldotna Maintenance Facility is situated at the intersection of Birch Street and the Sterling Highway, in downtown Soldotna, and borders the Kenai River. The property is relatively flat and unpaved, with the surrounding area sloping south towards the Kenai River.


Six areas of contamination were identified in 1992, primarily around storage areas for fuel, oil, salt, paint and solvents, plus an old septic tank system. Subsurface soil and groundwater were found to be contaminated with petroleum compounds and chlorides from winter road salt storage. Cleanup actions in the ensuing decade have included soil removal and treatment, tank removal, abandonment of a drinking water well, and groundwater monitoring.


Public Health and Environmental Concerns

Salt (chloride) and petroleum hydrocarbon contamination were identified in the soil and groundwater at the site. The concentrations remain elevated above established cleanup levels but there is no risk to human health since the site is not occupied and the groundwater is not used as a drinking water source. The impact of the contamination on the adjacent Kenai River sediments is being evaluated.


Current Status

The site continues to be monitored for groundwater quality parameters. The sample results (collected from 9 monitoring wells) continue to detect petroleum hydrocarbon and chloride contamination above the established cleanup levels. However, the data indicates there is a decreasing trend in concentrations.

The site is in a status of long term monitoring. The cleanup activities to date have removed the majority of source areas and monitoring will continue in order to confirm that the trend in contaminant concentrations is stable and/or decreasing. Also, the sediment and surface water in the Kenai River will continue to be monitored for possible environmental risk from elevated chloride levels.


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Map of Soldotna.