Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Alaska Airlines Cargo Facility

Database Name: Alaska Airlines – Juneau Cargo Facility

Status: Active

Location: 1915 Alex Holden Way, Juneau International Airport, Juneau

Latitude: 58.359444

Longitude: -134.586389


DEC Contaminated Sites contact: Bruce Wanstall, Project Manager, 907-465-5210 (Juneau)

Contacts updated: July 18, 2014

Summary updated: January 2005

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Topographic map of area.


Subsurface soil and groundwater at the site is contaminated from historic releases of unknown quantities of mixed petroleum: gasoline, diesel, used-oil, ethylene glycol and heating oil leaking from regulated underground storage tanks (USTs) formerly located adjacent to the south end of the building. Groundwater monitoring well and soil boring samples indicate that residual contamination, primarily gasoline and some diesel, is present in soils 8-12 feet below ground surface in the proximity of the former USTs.

Public Health and Environmental Concerns

The current zone of contamination is beneath asphalt pavement and pathways to human exposure are not present. Potential exists for dissolved petroleum to migrate in the groundwater to downgradient surface water bodies southwest of the cargo building.


Current Status

The DEC approved a revised corrective action plan and groundwater monitoring plan in 2004. URS Inc. installed an active groundwater remediation unit that utilizes subsurface sparge points for ozone injection near the former leaking UST locations south of the hanger. The sparge unit was operational in April 2004; groundwater sampling events in June and September 2004 indicate contraction of the leading edge of the dissolved petroleum plume. Declining concentrations are attributed to the active groundwater remediation program.