Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Cape Romanzof Long Range Radar Site

Database Name: Cape Romanzof

Status: Active

Location: near Scammon Bay

Latitude: 61.735820 North

Longitude: 165.938290 West

This site has a Restoration Advisory Board, which involves the community.

DEC Contaminated Sites contact: Louis Howard, Project Manager, (907) 269-7552 (Anchorage)

U.S. Air Force contact: Richard Mauser, Operating Location Alaska Remote, Air Force Civil Engineer Center, 10471 20th St., Suite 341, JBER, AK  99506-2201, (907) 522-5160(JBER stands for Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson)

Contacts updated: Oct. 14, 2016

Summary updated: May 3, 2013

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Road on the Cape to site.
This photo shows the road to the site on Cape Romanzof.

The Cape Romanzof Long Range Radar Site covers 4,900 acres within the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge. It was one of 10 original Aircraft Control and Warning sites in the Alaska Air Defense System. The nearest communities, Scammon Bay (pop. 498 in 2011) and Hooper Bay (pop. 1,137 in 2011), are located 15 miles east and south respectively. The Air Force has identified 15 contaminated sites that include landfills, drum storage areas, fuel spill areas and leaking underground storage tanks, or USTs. The facility continues to be operated as a minimally attended radar site.

Response Actions


Public Health and Environmental Concern

Soil is contaminated with PCBs, pesticides, diesel and other petroleum constituents. Groundwater contains diesel and other petroleum constituents. Multiple releases above ground and below ground have occurred at the facility.

People may be exposed to pollutants through dermal contact or accidental ingestion of contaminated soil or water. Contaminants that have bioaccumulated in fish and other wildlife may also pose a health threat to humans.

Current Status

Institutional controls remain in place for contaminated soil and groundwater at several sites. Long-term monitoring of surface water and groundwater is ongoing. A draft Proposed Plan is being developed for Landfill No. 2 (LF003), Spill/Leak No. 4 at the Weather Station Building (SS010), Upper Tram Terminal Area (SS016) and the Lower Tram Terminal Area (SS017).


There is a Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) that includes the communities of Scammon Bay, Hooper Bay, Chevak and Paimuit. RAB members, and members of the public who attend the meetings, discuss environmental issues and community concerns with the installation and cleanup decision-makers. The RAB varies the community it meets in to include all the communities.

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