Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Former Chugiak Texaco

Database Name: AAA Transmission Exchange, former Chugiak Texaco

Status: Active

Location: Mile 18 Old Glenn Highway, Chugiak

Latitude: 61.378056

Longitude: -149.499444


DEC Contaminated Sites contact: Robert Weimer, Project Manager - 907-269-7525

Summary updated: April 3, 2003

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The former Chugiak Texaco site is located at milepost 18 of the Old Glenn Highway, approximately ¼ mile north of the South Birchwood Loop Road, Chugiak, Alaska. The site is currently occupied by an automotive transmission repair shop, a permanent residence and two mobile homes.

Three undergound storage tanks (USTs) were installed in 1966 consisting of two 4,000-gallon gasoline tanks and one 2,000-gallon diesel tank. The site operated as a retail gasoline station (Texaco) until May 1987, when the tanks were reportedly taken out of service. The two 4,000-gallon gasoline USTs, along with the associated piping, pumps and dispenser island were removed in July 1992. Excavated soil was either returned to the excavation or stockpiled on-site.

A limited release investigation was performed in July 1996. Four test pits were excavated near the former UST locations and elevated petroleum hydrocarbon contamination was identified in the soil and groundwater. Four monitoring wells were installed during an October 1999 site investigation. Soil and groundwater data exceeded DEC cleanup levels. Nine additional soil borings were advanced during an October 2000 assessment to further delineate contamination at the site. Corrective action (cleanup) activities were initiated in July 2002. Approximately 2,600 cubic yards of soil were excavated, segregated and 1000 tons of petroleum contaminated soil was transported off-site and thermally remediated.

Additionally, subsurface Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) system components were installed. High levels of benzene and GRO contamination remain near the building foundation and underground utilities. Additional release investigation and corrective action needed. The facility continues to receive grants through the State of Alaska Financial Assistance Program to fund gasoline cleanup activities. Extensive diesel contamination on property from above ground storage tank will need release investigation and corrective action.


Public Health and Environmental Concerns

The contaminants of concern are primarily petroleum; diesel, gasoline and gasoline components (BTEX). Petroleum contaminated soil remains on property. Extensive impacts to the groundwater have been identified both on and off property. No petroleum contamination has been found in the drinking water well located on the property or in off property drinking water wells.


Current Status

A determination of future activities, including a new release investigation and corrective action workplan, and continued groundwater monitoring, will be made in consultation with the DEC.