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Denny Properties Tr 1 & Tr 2 Groff Subdivision - (Six Mile)


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Status: Active Database Name: Denny Properties
Location: Six Mile New Richardson Highway, Fairbanks, AK Latitude: 64.805579 Longitude:
DEC Contaminated Sites Contact: No longer assigned, 907-465-5390

The site historically has been used as a construction yard and most recently as a residential parcel.


Site topographic map.



Public Health and Environmental Concerns

A gasoline release of unknown origin contaminated the soil and groundwater. The groundwater contaminant (benzene) plume extended off site for approximately 1200 feet and impacted several residential wells in the Six Mile Village Subdivision. The benzene plume co-mingled with the area-wide chlorinated solvent groundwater plume.

The majority of contaminated soil was excavated in 1998. Natural attenuation processes has cleaned up the off-site ground water to drinking water standards.


Current Status


All active remediation is complete.


More Information


  • Site Summary (PDF 13K), February 2002

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