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Frontier Texaco


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Status: Active Database Name: Frontier Texaco (former Unocal - #5773)
Location: 11301 Old Glenn Highway, Eagle River, AK Latitude/Longitude: See database
DEC Contaminated Sites Contact: Robert Weimer, Project Manager - 907-269-7525
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Frontier Texaco is located in downtown Eagle River. The site was formerly owned by Unocal. Six underground storage tanks (USTs), an oil/water separator, and related piping were removed from the property in April 1997. Soil samples indicated that the site was impacted with diesel range organics, residual range organics, and benzene. A release investigation was conducted at the site in 2001 that included twelve soil borings, completing four of the borings as multi-level soil vapor monitoring points, and seven as groundwater monitoring wells. A groundwater monitoring program has not detected contamination above applicable cleanup levels.


Public Health and Environmental Concerns


Soil contamination remains at the site, including contamination at the back of the building from waste oil and heating oil tanks. Contamination is present near the foundation of the building but removal of soil, could cause structural damage to the building. Because the property is entirely covered with either asphalt or concrete, the potential for migration of contamination is minimized. However, there is concern based on the increasing BTEX contamination levels found in January 2003 groundwater monitoring event.


Current Status


A corrective action plan has been submitted to the department, reviewed and approved, as of October 11, 2002. Groundwater monitoring is ongoing. The vapor extraction system is to be installed and begin operation by summer of 2003.