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Hamilton’s Place Service Station


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Status: Cleanup Complete - Institutional Controls Database Name: Hamilton's Place
Location: Cooper Landing, AK Latitude/Longitude: See database entry  
DEC Contaminated Sites Contact: Don Fritz, Project Manager - 907- 262-5210



Hamilton’s Place service station is located at Mile 48.5 of the Sterling Highway in Cooper Landing, Alaska. The underground fuel storage tank systems are approximately 200 feet from the southern bank of the Kenai River. Gasoline contamination was identified in the soil at the site during removal of two underground fuel tanks in 1994. Contaminated soils were not removed at the time of the tank removals. Subsequent assessment confirmed that soil and groundwater contamination existed at the site. Monitoring wells were installed to determine the quality of the groundwater and to investigate the risk of the contaminant migrating to the nearby Kenai River. The groundwater continues to be monitored to determine trends in contaminant concentrations and any potential migration to the Kenai River.


Public Health, and Environmental Concerns


Gasoline contamination has been identified in the soil and groundwater at the site. The concentrations remain elevated above established cleanup levels but there is currently no risk to the on-site public drinking water well or the Kenai River, based on the groundwater monitoring data collected to date.


Current Status

In 2004 monitoring wells indicated that the plume of contaminants in the groundwater was stable and not reaching the Kenai River . However, soil and groundwater contamination remained at the site in the area of the old tanks and the fuel dispensers in use. In the spring of 2004, some of the most highly contaminated soil from the area of the former gasoline tanks was excavated. This soil was taken to an approved soil treatment facility for remediation and the excavation was backfilled with clean soils and paved. Long-term groundwater monitoring will be required at this site until all contaminants of concern have been documented as consistently meeting the applicable groundwater cleanup levels established under 18 AAC 78. The site was given approval for Conditional closure in July 2004. See database entry (link at top) for conditions of closure and any change in status.


More Information


  • Hamilton's Place (PDF 102K), January 2003

Map of Cooper Landing.