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Healy Roadhouse


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Status: Cleanup Complete - Institutional Controls Database Name: Healy Roadhouse
Location: 245.1 Parks Highway, Healy, AK Latitude/Longitude: See database entry above
DEC Contaminated Sites Contact: Janice Wiegers, Project Manager - 907- 451-2127
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The Healy Roadhouse site is located approximately 8 miles north of Denali, at mile 245.1 of the Parks Highway, Healy, Alaska. The facility was originally constructed in 1969 as a roadhouse. In 1976, an underground petroleum storage tank system (UST) was installed, consisting of three 4,000-gallon gasoline tanks, one 4,000 gallon diesel tank, associated piping and a dispenser pump island. The facility operated as a retail gasoline service station until its closure in 1990.

The UST system was excavated and removed in 1990. Approximately 100-200 cubic yards of petroleum contaminated soil was excavated during the UST removal activities. The soil was returned to the excavation (on-site) after discussions with DEC personnel. The property was sold in 1991 and currently operates as the Denali RV Park. A site investigation was performed in September 1993 and again in August 2001 to assess the petroleum contaminant impact on soils at the site. A treatment system designed to treat subsurface residual contamination was installed in 2002. The facility continues to receive grants through the State of Alaska Financial Assistance Program to fund cleanup activities.


Public Health and Environmental Concerns


The contaminants of concern (COC's) are primarily petroleum; diesel, gasoline and gasoline components (BTEX). Petroleum contaminated soil remains on-site. Migration to groundwater is not currently being considered as an existing exposure route due to frozen soils, the absence of suprapermafrost meltwater, and rapid vertical attenuation of the contaminants. COC's were not detected in the deep (261-foot) drinking water well located at the southern end of the site.


Photo of healy Roadhouse.

Current Status


A Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) system was installed in 2002. DEC approved conditional closure status for the site in May 2005.