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Jack's Service Station


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Status: Cleanup Complete - Institutional Controls Database Name: Chevron - Jacks
Location: 266.5 Richardson Highway, Delta Junction Latitude/Longitude:See database entry
DEC Contaminated Sites Contact: No longer assigned - 907- 465-5390



Jack’s Service Station is located at 266.5 Richardson Highway in Delta Junction. The site is an operating service station that dispenses gasoline and diesel fuel. The service station has been in operation since the 1940’s. The former UST system was removed 1995 and contaminated soils were overexcavated and placed in a biocell constructed on site. A passive vapor extraction system was installed in 1997 and upgraded to an active vapor extraction system in 2001.

Public Health and Environmental Concerns


Following the initial cleanup efforts, petroleum contamination remained in the soil at levels exceeding the Maximum Allowable Concentration. A water well is located on site; water samples collected from this well have not detected contaminants above the Maximum Contaminant Levels. Local water wells are screened in an aquifer at depths greater than 60 feet. A low permeability layer has been reported to exist in the soil at approximately 35 feet, which may limit the transport of contaminants to the underlying aquifer.

Current Status


Active soil vapor extraction system was initiated in 2002 under grant funding. DEC approved conditional closure status for this site in July 2006. See the database (link above) for more information on this site.


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Topographic map of Delta Junction.
Photo 2 of Jack's Service Station.

Photo 1 of Jack's Service Station.